Birunda Primary School, Kenya

Mr Dean our new junior teacher has spent 8 years vistiting Kenya and during that time he has built a school for hearing impaired children. Birunda School for the Hearing Impaired

The school is next door to a very big primary school. There are 1600 children! It is the biggest in the area.

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We are going to be building links with the school and hopefully will be able to raise some money to help with their education.

To start some of the Gillamoor juniors have been busy writing pen pal letters to the place that Mr Dean went to, Birunda Primary School in Kenya, which is in Africa. They wear yellow and blue for their school uniform, just like us! Jasmine’s is called Jecinta and  Esme‘s got a pen pal called Mary.”Mary

Jasmine and Esme

Michael Morpurgo – Private Peaceful

The older members of Gillamoor School have the opportunity to meet childrens authour, Michael Morpurgo. This is happening in Malton Milton Rooms on the 13th of October with many other schools attending. Each school can ask Michael one question, we have not yet decided but a few have been put forward. The visit is linked in to the book Private Peaceful that is based on an ordinary family living at the time of World War One.

Lilli says ‘I really like the book and it will be good to meet him in person!’

Hannah says ‘I enjoyed reading the book and it will be exciting to meet the man who wrote it.’

We are all looking forward to the 13th and meeting Michael Morpurgo in Malton. If you look back here in a few weeks you will see he follow up to the trip…

By Nancy

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Mr Dean and the Junior Class