Balloon Powered Cars!!

First we watched a video that gave us some ideas about what to make. After we watched the video we got on with our design.

We practiced in our jotter. It took a few days to finish our designs and when we finished our final designs and when we got on with our cars.

It took ages to finish our cars. We got out all of the tools and materials we needed and after a safety talk from Mr Dean we began. We worked and worked and worked and finally they were done. Some people added decoration to their cars.

After all that hard work we went to Fadmoor Village Hall and had an excellent time!

Everybody got a turn to race their cars. Elisabeth’s won, she managed to cover 27 floor boards (around 2.2m says Mr Dean).

After everybody had a go we split into two teams and debated which transport invention we thought was the best devlelopment ever.

by Ed.


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