York Nativity Trail

DSCF9657Schools from across North Yorkshire have been asked to bring Christmas to York by creating a nativity scene in school to go on display in a shop or business window in York. At Gillamoor we have made two nativity scenes. The junior nativity, shown below, is in pride of place at York Theatre Royal.


The infants nativity is on display at the Viking Loom, High Petergate.


Once all the nativities are in place a “Crib Trail” will be created to guide shoppers and tourists around the city. Can you find them all?

“I have been very impressed today with all of the juniors who have worked extremely hard and well as a team to produce this amazing nativity scene in just one afternoon! I am looking forward to seeing it in the window of the theatre.” Mr Dean.

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Remembrance Service

 IMGA0241On the 11th of the 11th or Remembrance Day the juniors went down to the memorial to perform a remembrance service, firstly Reverend Mark welcomed everyone with his kind words. Then a prayer was said followed by Hannah F, Lottie B and Hannah N reading In Flanders Fields. Next a prayer was said by Esme, Jasmine and Megan. After that Nancy played the last post on her tenor horn. Then we had the 2 minutes silence. Finally we went up in year groups to put our crosses down in the ground. The service was closed by Reverend Norma who read a lovely prayer. Everyone commented on what a beautiful and thoughtful service it was.

By Lilli and Jasmine.



Howsham Mill

On Wednesday the 5th of November 2014 the school all travelled to Howsham Mill to see the mill that produces electricity to power 50 homes powered by water. At Howsham Mill there was an Archimedes screw that not only makes electricity it amazingly enough was built so that so fish wouldn’t get injured. There was a statue of a girl on top of the building named Dianna who was the goddess of hunting. This mill was originally was used for grinding corn. Over all Howsham Mill was brilliant, you should all go and visit with families and friends, it’s free!

 The infants had this to say:

Daithi: “I loved making a fire”

Obi: “ I liked baking bread”

Eve: “I loved the story around the fire”

 Remember, remember the 5th of November because that’s when we went to Howsham Mill.

 By Lottie and Hannah.NIMGA0160 IMGA0181 IMGA0185 IMGA0186 IMGA0201 IMGA0215 IMGA0223

What can you do at Gillamoor?

We all do a lot of school clubs such as:

Netball club, sports club, reading club, writing club and gardening club.


Other things you can also do in school are:

Cooking, P.E and Music.


On Wednesday 22nd of October the infants and the juniors got to take part at school in a judo session. We played some judo games in the classroom; they involved trying to get to one end of the room to the other on hands and knees with some on trying to catch you on your way. We did other things like judo moves and a lot of fun games!

We liked it so much that we decided to make a judo club for up to 16 people, a lot of people say they want to do judo club.

by Minnie

Music with Mr Firth

 Many of us are learning similar instruments, most of us are learning brass instruments. But Elizabeth is learning a woodwind instrument, it is called a saxophone .

I am learning the trumpet with many others .The reason I have choose the trumpet was because last time I really wanted to learn it because it looked challenging.  I like doing it because I enjoy playing instruments I have never discovered before.

By Esme

Super Schools

 On Friday 17th October   six of the juniors went to Ampleforth Collage to take part in a sporting event called Super Schools. From each school there is supposed be 3 year 6 girls and 3 year 6 boys. That meant that we were in a difficult situation as we only have 5 year 6 girls. Firstly, we had to get a year 5 to take part, and then we had to substitute some boys for girls! Between us we all took part in 7 different events, these are:

  • Rowing
  • Bench jumps
  • Tyre flip
  • Ball
  • Swimming relay race
  • Bucking Bronco (the mystery event)
  • Individual swimming

The event was very entertaining and amusing and everyone really enjoyed it. At the end of it we ended up with 3 wins in the girls rowing (Nancy), girls bucking bronco (Hannah) and the whole team won the swimming relay. We came 4th and were 4 points away from coming 3rd.

By NancyIMGA0090IMGA0115