Howsham Mill

On Wednesday the 5th of November 2014 the school all travelled to Howsham Mill to see the mill that produces electricity to power 50 homes powered by water. At Howsham Mill there was an Archimedes screw that not only makes electricity it amazingly enough was built so that so fish wouldn’t get injured. There was a statue of a girl on top of the building named Dianna who was the goddess of hunting. This mill was originally was used for grinding corn. Over all Howsham Mill was brilliant, you should all go and visit with families and friends, it’s free!

 The infants had this to say:

Daithi: “I loved making a fire”

Obi: “ I liked baking bread”

Eve: “I loved the story around the fire”

 Remember, remember the 5th of November because that’s when we went to Howsham Mill.

 By Lottie and Hannah.NIMGA0160 IMGA0181 IMGA0185 IMGA0186 IMGA0201 IMGA0215 IMGA0223

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