Super Schools

 On Friday 17th October   six of the juniors went to Ampleforth Collage to take part in a sporting event called Super Schools. From each school there is supposed be 3 year 6 girls and 3 year 6 boys. That meant that we were in a difficult situation as we only have 5 year 6 girls. Firstly, we had to get a year 5 to take part, and then we had to substitute some boys for girls! Between us we all took part in 7 different events, these are:

  • Rowing
  • Bench jumps
  • Tyre flip
  • Ball
  • Swimming relay race
  • Bucking Bronco (the mystery event)
  • Individual swimming

The event was very entertaining and amusing and everyone really enjoyed it. At the end of it we ended up with 3 wins in the girls rowing (Nancy), girls bucking bronco (Hannah) and the whole team won the swimming relay. We came 4th and were 4 points away from coming 3rd.

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