What can you do at Gillamoor?

We all do a lot of school clubs such as:

Netball club, sports club, reading club, writing club and gardening club.


Other things you can also do in school are:

Cooking, P.E and Music.


On Wednesday 22nd of October the infants and the juniors got to take part at school in a judo session. We played some judo games in the classroom; they involved trying to get to one end of the room to the other on hands and knees with some on trying to catch you on your way. We did other things like judo moves and a lot of fun games!

We liked it so much that we decided to make a judo club for up to 16 people, a lot of people say they want to do judo club.

by Minnie

Music with Mr Firth

 Many of us are learning similar instruments, most of us are learning brass instruments. But Elizabeth is learning a woodwind instrument, it is called a saxophone .

I am learning the trumpet with many others .The reason I have choose the trumpet was because last time I really wanted to learn it because it looked challenging.  I like doing it because I enjoy playing instruments I have never discovered before.

By Esme

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