A Ruff! Ruff! Night in Bethlehem

There a 10 knock knock jokes at the beginning. Moses the dog is over excited and the Innkeepers received some unwanted visitors. The dancers twinkle in the star light in Bethlehem. Look out for the Roman Soldier because he is always trying to barbecue Moses the dog! The three kings bring shiny gold, spicy frankincense and a sweet ointment called myrrh. The angel appears out of nowhere to the Shepherds and they are very scared. The Innkeepers always toss and turn in their bed because the starlight is too bright to get to sleep.

In the end Mary and Joseph have a very special baby called Jesus Christ the Saviour, everyone is happy and even Mr and Mrs Innkeeper!

Come and see our play on Tuesday 16th December 1pm and 6pm.

By Ed, Zac and Isobel

IMGA0344 IMGA0347

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3 thoughts on “A Ruff! Ruff! Night in Bethlehem

  1. Both performances were super. Well done to all concerned. And I add my congratulations to Nadine’s re Lilli’s singing – and indeed Kate’s at the Carol Service.

    It was lovely to have the Church ringing with music and jolly Christmas songs.

  2. It was indeed a super performance by both the infants and juniors. Several parents have commented that the plays were the best they had ever seen. As it was my first school play as a class teacher I felt extremely proud of all of you! Looking forward to the next one! Well done. Mr Dean

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