Christmas Cards and Oragami Santa


In the juniors we have been making Christmas cards. We had some coloured card, glitter glue and coloured pens. We could draw anything on our cards as long as they were related to Christmas; some had reindeers on, Santa’s, Christmas cakes, angels, stars and sometimes a variety. We were allowed to make more than one card had according to how fast we made them. After everyone had finished making them we chose who we wanted to send them to and wrote inside our cards. We made these Christmas cards for family and friends because Christmas is about giving and caring and to be happy and thankful.

 Origami Santa’s

When the year Sixes went to work at the stall in Kirkbymoorside the rest of the juniors (threes, fours, fives) made Origami Santa’s, also Jasmine and Minnie made one with tissue on the bus from swimming. We got two sheets of square paper to make it the paper had red on one side and white on the other side and glue. First we made the head (it was tricky but we kept up with Mr Dean ). Then we made the body we all made it then stuck the head on the body now they are all up on the white board.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our presentation in the blog and have a very Merry Christmas!

By Jasmine, Kate and LilliIMGA0367

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