Makey Makey

Today in the junior class we have been learning through play and experimentation using a Makey Makey. Below you will see some of the children’s designs for playing the drums and keyboard. We also had a go on a giant floor piano, played wack a mole using playdoh and had a go on the carrot keyboard!!

Scroll to the bottom to see Hannah playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the water piano.

IMGA0600 IMGA0602 IMGA0593 IMGA0597



Snow – Outdoor Learning

Although we were disappointed by the poor covering of snow, after the large amounts forecasted, a promise was a promise and we got kitted out and headed down the road to our school field. The original plan was going to be to build a snow Stonehenge to start our new Stone Age history topic, but instead we brought in our literacy work and created shelters for Robinson Crusoe as if he had been stranded on a frozen island. We then applied our instructional writing skills of “how to build a snowman” and together all of the children worked as  team to create a very impressive snowman. When asked what they had learnt the children listed: teamwork, communications, art, design technology, science and even maths! To finish we had our playtime which resulted in many snow angels being dotted around the field.


IMGA0559 IMGA0564 IMGA0569 IMGA0544






On Friday 16th January 2015  some of the juniors went to Rydale school to do a gym competition. We were split up into 2 groups:

Year 5 and 6:Kate C,Hannah F, Lilli S and Lottie B.

Year 3 and 4: Esme L, Jasmine F and  Emilia S.IMGA0522

We prepared a routine,but we did not get to perform, due to time.

But not all was lost as we took part in individual area and the final results recorded the years 5 and 6 came 2nd and year 3 and 4 came 4th. Also the year 5 and 6 were 0.6 points of being first. 🙂



Our School Dance Session

We all had a fun day at school because Miss Sarah Louise Ashworth was teaching us dance. We all had to get into partners to do dance. Before we did anything we did a warm up. 1st we made up some moves then we put them all togerther and did them with the music.We got together and numbered ourselves one and two, one went first followed by two. At the end we did a guesture dance and put it all together and then we showed the over groups.


By Megan and Elisabeth

IMGA0498 IMGA0491


In our R.E lessons we have been looking at Islam.The people who follow Islam are called Muslims.We have been learning about Muslims fasting, where they don’t eat for a certain amount of time. Muslims believe in one god and his name is Allah.They never draw or have pictures of him or his Prophet Mohammed.They kneel on prayermats when they pray.They wash and take thier shoes off when they are about to prey.When they pray in the Mosque they face in the directoin of Mecca in Saudia Arabia. There holy book is called a qur’an. The five pillars of Islam are Belief, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage.
By Georgina and Ed

The snow in Gillamoor

For the fist time this year it had snowed in Gillamoor YIPPY! All of the children were so excited about the snow. We built little snowmen but now the snow has gone and hopefully will come back soon. The spring will come shortly. When it snowed we were all  amazed at the sight of the snow. Here are two photos of when it snowed!

by Mooie and Minnie





In the juniors class our topic is disasters!On one of the walls of the classroom we have some pictures of disasters:Hurricane,Tsunami,volcano and an Avalanche.We added sentenses describing them. Mr Dean teaches us the best activities about disasters. We are hoping to go and see some flood defences in Pickering and design our own.

By Rosie and Alice

untitledVolcano (1)


Robinson Crusoe

In the juniors we are studying a book called Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. It is based on the true story of a man called Andrew Selkirk. He had a meeting with Daniel Defoe and he started to write the story . Daniel Defoe’s real name is Daniel Foe but to sound more popular he changed it. We have written some things for this topic. Mr Dean  has read us some of the book, but it has a lot of old fashoned launguge  so he read us a different version aswell.We  are  building  some shelters for the playground. Which will be fun!

by Zac and Hannah.N

large_9780140367225 crusoe

School baking!

DSCF5194At school we are doing baking again but for the juniors we are going to make bake-well tarts.We will be doing this every Tuesday but with different groups every time.

The first group was all the year 6’s (Hannah, Lilli,Kate and Georgina).

We made an amazing bake-well tart with help from Mrs Turner. It was a great success and went really well.They looked so delicious and we wanted to eat them straight away.

By Hannah.