Snow – Outdoor Learning

Although we were disappointed by the poor covering of snow, after the large amounts forecasted, a promise was a promise and we got kitted out and headed down the road to our school field. The original plan was going to be to build a snow Stonehenge to start our new Stone Age history topic, but instead we brought in our literacy work and created shelters for Robinson Crusoe as if he had been stranded on a frozen island. We then applied our instructional writing skills of “how to build a snowman” and together all of the children worked as  team to create a very impressive snowman. When asked what they had learnt the children listed: teamwork, communications, art, design technology, science and even maths! To finish we had our playtime which resulted in many snow angels being dotted around the field.


IMGA0559 IMGA0564 IMGA0569 IMGA0544





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One thought on “Snow – Outdoor Learning

  1. Looks like you are having far too much fun!! Get back to work you lot! 😛 Love the snowman- does it have a name?

    Lisa 🙂

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