Indoor athletics!

Some people from the juniors (Kate, Hannah, Lilli, Lottie, Jasmine, Hannah N and some children from Hovingham) went to Pickering Leisure Centure on Wednesday 27th January 2015. The indoor athletics competion person who taught us all our tricks was Mr Muholland our P.E teacher. I , Hannah N, did the obstical course, where we had to: first do a forwards roll, then jump over the hurdles (they were quite high) then do 10 bunny hops (actually called speed bounce) then jump over some more hurdles and finally kick off a board and run straight back. I, Lottie, did  an activity called chest push. Some people thought different things here are some :

Lilli: “It was brilliant but i wish  everyone had stayed until the end.”

Hannah F : “It was fun.”

By Hannah N and Lottie.

(edited by Minnie)

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