My Half Term Holiday – Treasure Hunt

My brother and his friend made a treasure hunt for my sister’s birthday.It went all over the place.

The first clue ended up along the track to the red swing. The clue was shoved in the middle of it.┬áThe next clue was where our Grandma does all of her bonfires. This one was down at the bottom of the wood, hidden on the ash.┬áThen the next clue told us to go to the swing, with the tire-swing. A few fields away from where we were. It was hidden where the band was, popped in.This clue told us to go to our Grandma’s house in the kitchen. It was hidden in the fridge. We were told to go, from the kitchen, to the big blue van, in the drivers seat. We went to the avalanche place next, just down the road, for the final clue. It was hidden back at home in the kitchen, the prize was hidden in the towel draw.

We split up into teams and raced back. The teams were fairly split up.

We had great fun, and anyone can set up an easy treasure hunt.

By Hannah

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