Human Digestive System! 

At school we have been doing about human digestive system and how our food goes from  in and all the way out and what the proses does! here is a website you can go on: www.Humandigestivesystem-enchantedlearning.com

How the digestive system works:

It starts with the food in your mouth, then it goes down the oesophagus, next into the stomach, after that it goes to the small intestine, then the large intestine, rectum and finally the anus.


This is the display that the juniors created all about the digestive system!

Did you know?

1. We make 1 to 3 pints of saliva!

2. It takes your mouth, oesophagus, small intestine, large intestine, gall bladder, pancreas and liver just to digest a glass of milk!

3. Food stays in your stomach for 2-3 hours.

by Minnie and Mooie

Everybody go plant onions

All about onions.

Onions are great to have in your garden. They look like a bigger version of a shallot. When they are starting to grow they shoot out of their skin. Once you’ve planted your onions, don’t forget to water them. After that put a thin net over them letting the light still get through. The net also protects them from being harmed .  When they come out of the soil in your garden to be cooked or sold, check that they are not rotten or squashy. I’ve planted four rows with my grandma and I just can’t wait to see if they will grow

for more info go to… All about onions-the national onion association.

by Elisabeth

France – Ski Trip

Disappointment ran through me. To ski you need snow, right? Well there was very little of that from what I could sell from the plane. My parents’ reassurance didn’t help either. “You have to get higher up” they said.

While were in the car, driving through greener then green valleys, my excitement was subdued to disappointment. Even as we were driving up the mountain no snow could be seen. Don’t get me wrong, France is a beautiful place but at that moment in time, some snow would have made my day!

I woke early the next morning, got changed and got into my ‘very well used salopettes’ and a thermal top. I was ready, breakfasted and all by eight!

Me, my sister, my mum and my dad all arrived at the ski hire place by quarter past eight to claim our bendy thin skis that would be ours for the week. The little grey building was hardly noticeable against the colourful, jazzy shops with mouth-watering and jaw-dropping contents in the windows. My skis looked old and rickety but I tried not to let that worry me.

My mum and dad were right. You have to get higher up and then the snow’s wonderful. The fresh powder was amazing. I went through it like a knife in butter making fresh tracks for others to follow in.

Relief and happiness flooded over me, seeping into every part of my body – I was content.




Daffy Teas

On Thursday the 9th of April Kids Club, Farndale organised the Daffy Teas.

Before we started,we all had to make sandwiches and scones to get all ready.

When we opened all four of us had a little cycle, there was: washing up, drying up, putting away and bringing back. As soon as we opened the doors people were coming in.

In the end we raised £360 for Kids Club! It was great!

Before hand, we had done a tombola for Kids Club as well and made £35 profit!

We are going to buy some plant pots to decorate the Village Hall.

By Hannah


Cars 2 Game

My PS 3  is a machine that I can play games on including Cars 2, Minecraft  and LEGO Batman 2 but today I’m only going to talk about Cars 2. The game is a series of races and battle races set in different locations around the world including London, Porta Corsa in Italy, Tokyo in Japan and Radiator Springs in America and is loosely based on the Cars 2 movie.

During each race you have to try to gain the turbo boost or speed boost as well as getting more fuel (Allinol). You can choose which car you want to be – my favourite is Rouel Ca Rouel the French rally car. Using the controls you can get the cars to flip, jump, somersault, drift, reverse and more. My favourite battle race is on Free play where you don’t have to earn races you can just choose which race you want to do. The race name is Runway Tour. As well as racing you have to slow down the other racers using gadgets earnt whilst racing. You also have to avoid getting zapped by the other racers. The winner is the first over the chequered flags. My best time is 1 minute 15 for a 3 lap race.

The human eye!

Many of us take our vision for granted, but have you ever wondered how this fascinating organ actually works?

Light from the sun, or an artificial light, travels in a straight line, bounces off objects and into our eyes through the pupil. Depending on the amount of light, the iris changes the size of the pupil to let more or less light in. This is to prevent damage to the eyes, by stopping too much light entering the eye when it is bright, and maximising the amount of light entering the eye when it’s dark.

The light then passes though the lens. The lens focuses the light onto the back surface of the eye, the retina. Depending on how far away the object is, our lens needs to change shape to keep the light focussed on the retina.


How the lens focusses light.

A fatter lens bends light more than a flatter lens. The human eye changes the shape of the lens as we look at far or near objects to keep them in focus. This is called accommodation. When we look at a far object, the light does not need to bend a lot to converge on the retina, so the suspensory ligaments pull on the lens to make it flat. When we look at a near object, the light has to bend more to converge on the retina, so the suspensory ligaments pull less, allowing the lens to spring back into a fatter shape.