Cars 2 Game

My PS 3  is a machine that I can play games on including Cars 2, Minecraft  and LEGO Batman 2 but today I’m only going to talk about Cars 2. The game is a series of races and battle races set in different locations around the world including London, Porta Corsa in Italy, Tokyo in Japan and Radiator Springs in America and is loosely based on the Cars 2 movie.

During each race you have to try to gain the turbo boost or speed boost as well as getting more fuel (Allinol). You can choose which car you want to be – my favourite is Rouel Ca Rouel the French rally car. Using the controls you can get the cars to flip, jump, somersault, drift, reverse and more. My favourite battle race is on Free play where you don’t have to earn races you can just choose which race you want to do. The race name is Runway Tour. As well as racing you have to slow down the other racers using gadgets earnt whilst racing. You also have to avoid getting zapped by the other racers. The winner is the first over the chequered flags. My best time is 1 minute 15 for a 3 lap race.

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