Gillamoor bank!

Minnie and Mrs Noble went down to see what they are doing and how long it will last for. Here is a video of Minnie interviewing the men. And the is also some pictures to look at! (unfortunately the video didn’t upload as it was too big…) Enjoy the photos instead.

IMGA0299 IMGA0300 IMGA0303





Bracelet Buisness!


The juniors have been making bracelts for people to buy for £2 each. Each £2 we make goes to directly Birunda School in Kenya, that we are now linked with. Amazingly each bracelet we sell will buy 40 bricks in Kenya! Mr Dean,our teacher, said that we have built a wall already and we’ve only been doing it for 4 months. We have lots of different beads and if you want one with your name on we can do that too. We make them at lunchtime every day, if we want to, and we have alot of pre made ones already and have made 50+ orders with names on. We hope you can buy one to!

by Lottie and Minnie!






In Gillamoor we do lots of subjects like : maths, science,literacy,geography,french,unaided writing ,art,pshcc,dt(design tehnology),r.e,p.e and music. But today I am going to talk about maths,maths is my favourite subject. We have learnt the grid method,column subtraction ,addition , division and multiplication.

year 3 tests

Year 3 have done a reading test this week and here is what they thought of it:

Alice: ”I thought it will really help us be good readers.”

Ed: ”I thought it was very challenging.”

Zac: ”I thought It was really difficult.”

Elisabeth: ”I thought it was epic.”

And we still have the over half to go.

French Breakfast

On Friday the 15th of May we had a French Breakfast. In this event we had the choice between un croissant, un pain au choclat and du pain/bread. And drinks de l’eau/water un jus d’orange/ orange juice also du lait/ milk and last of all un chocolat chaud/ hot chocolate. We learnt lots of interesting and fun things. It was very good. We also paired up with an infant i had Becky. Everyone had a lovely day, and i think Mrs. Noble did an amazing job on teaching us all these amazing things so thank you so much Mrs Noble.


Gillamoor school is a place where we play lot’s of sport including Tag rugby, football, rounders, swimming, dodgeball, netball, tennis. Tag rugby we do not do anymore, football at sports club, rounders at PE, swimming on Fridays, dodge ball sports club, net ball is after school, tennis after school.


Children’s Story Book

This week the class have been working on a week long project to research, write, design and create an interactive book for children. The book had to include either a pop-up feature or a “touchy feely” feature. As well as this, there was an additional challenge to include a feature which would use the Makey Makey. This would allow the reader to press a button or stroke an animal on the page and it would make a sound.

To begin with they all listened to, read and interactive with existing children’s books, writing down what they found out. Next they worked to come up with three ideas for stories. These were then presented to an adult, junior and infant to get some ideas and opinions. After this they decided on their story and began to write it and plan each individual page.

Finally, they were able to begin making their books using a range of materials. All of the books have been outstanding and I’m looking forward to sharing some photos of them on the blog. Check back soon to see the creations.

Mr Dean

Mr Dean is climbing a mountain!

On 1st August 2015 Mr Dean will be in Kenya ready to climb Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano on the border of Kenya and Uganda. It stands a huge 4300m high! Mr Dean has never climbed a mountain before and so this will be a big challenge.

He is doing it to raise money for Birunda School for the Hearing Impaired, which he has worked with since 2008.

The money raised will go directly to help build a much needed dormitory for the ever expanding school. They currently have 43 children but the dormitory will allow 64 to be taught in Birunda.

Mr Dean is hoping to raise at least £2000. If you’re able to support him in this challenge please call into school and sponsor him or visit his website to find out other ways to donate and much more.

Mountain Climb Information Poster

Mrs Noble

In a few weeks Mrs Noble is very sadly leaving us and moving on to a new job somewere. We all are very sad but hope she has another lovley job somewere else.Mrs Noble has been working in the office of Gillamoor school for at least 3 years! We all wish her the best luck at her new job! Mrs Noble is a kind,loving and very nice person, who does French with the juniors every Thursday and is very good at it! Mrs Noble is BRILLIANT! And we all hope Mrs Noble will come and visit us lots!