Children’s Story Book

This week the class have been working on a week long project to research, write, design and create an interactive book for children. The book had to include either a pop-up feature or a “touchy feely” feature. As well as this, there was an additional challenge to include a feature which would use the Makey Makey. This would allow the reader to press a button or stroke an animal on the page and it would make a sound.

To begin with they all listened to, read and interactive with existing children’s books, writing down what they found out. Next they worked to come up with three ideas for stories. These were then presented to an adult, junior and infant to get some ideas and opinions. After this they decided on their story and began to write it and plan each individual page.

Finally, they were able to begin making their books using a range of materials. All of the books have been outstanding and I’m looking forward to sharing some photos of them on the blog. Check back soon to see the creations.

Mr Dean

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3 thoughts on “Children’s Story Book

  1. Thank you children. I loved reading them. Some were funny, some had lovely pop-ups or touchy-feely bits, all were beautifully illustrated and all were good examples of books suitable for young children. You had obviously studied and understood the requirements of books to encourage the love of reading – SO important for children, young and old!

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