Maths day at St. Hilda’s

On 18th of June the whole school went to St. Hilda’s Ampleforth to participate in a maths day with Hovingham and St. Hilda’s. For the first session the year 5s and 6s did an activity on problem solving which made us think alot. After that we commuted into the hall to take part in a puzzles session, the puzzles proved challenging for pupils and the teachers. Orienteering was our next activity which helped us improve on our map reading skills. And after a short P.E session with Mr. Mullholland we went back to Gillamoor after an exellent day.

by Nancy

Swimming Gala

On the 15th of June the juniors went to Ampleforth swimming gala for a compatition to see who was the fastest. If we came 2nd or 1st you got a green card then we passed it to Audrey and that gained you points. Over all we came 2nd out of 10 schools. “Splish, Spash, Sposh and go, go, go!” was all you could here whilst we swam like a fish in the olympics. Then as your race drew to an end it all quietened down you could see the water glistening and sparkling. And we would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Stanley for taking us there!



On Friday 12th of July 2015 some of the children at Gillamoor went to Ryedale school to enter a tennis competition. First we all got told were our first match is and who we are against and how the points work. We all got sent to a court to play our first game of tennis. It was in the afternoon between 1:30 -3:00. The schools we played were Kirkbymoorside and Nawton. The year 3 and 4’s did really well and the year 5 and 6’s managed to win every match. Overall we won the competition!

by Jasmine. IMGA0480 IMGA0477 IMGA0476

Gaia from Italy

Gaia came from Italy and she is an Italian girl. Then she came to Gillamoor for 3 days and came to stay at georgina’s for a sleepover and she is a friend of georginas also she has a dog its like a labrador retriever. she had short hair and wears glasses. Gaia brought in some salami,truffle and parmizan cheese. then we made pizzas they were yummy.

by MeganIMGA0462  IMGA0460

Sponsored Walk

Into the fresh country air we went, on one of those confused weather days, a Wednesday, the 17th to be precise. We were raising money for the pantomime in December, we chatted and laughed, a few of us got sticks for a walking stick.


Bishop Paul

On Tuesday the 16th of June Bishop Paul came to school for the morning. He stayed with us until just after lunch. We showed him our values book and our church booklet. He showed us the area of where he looks after churches. He lives in Middlesbrough and looks after from Whitby all the way to Thirsk and looks after over 170. Bishop Paul has a lot of people helping him look after the 170 churches.

By Hannah

IMGA0505 IMGA0499 IMGA0487

Italian Pizza

As part of an Italian theme because Gaia was here, we made our own pizzas from an Italian recipe. lots of different toppings were put on including Italian cheese and salami. Mine had salami and some cheese and pepper on it and I ate it that night-it was really nice.

Check back soon for a tasty pizza dough recipe.

by Georgina

CSI Gillamoor

On Tuesday 9th June 2015, a man called Mr Bates came in to show us a different a type of science it was called forensic science. There had been an imaginary aggravated burglary one night after school, the burglars were trying to steal some computers, but the new caretaker Lenny heard them and came to see. Unfortunately he was attacked and our job was to find out who did it! We had to find a series of clues or evidence that they might have left such as: a weapon, chewing gum, can, finger prints, blood, shoe print and broken reflector. We learnt a lot about DNA, blood spatter and samples. We found out how to collect finger prints and learnt that our finger prints are all different and never go away.

In the afternoon we held a mock court and many of us played a role. Kate was the judge and when all the evidence was given it was decided that the main burglar Jackie Jackson was to go to prison for 10 years and his helpers Davy Davis and Jamie Jackson went away for 5 years. The cleaner who we found left the window open and was part of the crime got 10 years.

The whole day was really exciting and we learnt a great deal and it encouraged us to look into being a forensic scientist or other science jobs.

By Zac and Elisabeth



Interactive Children’s Books

In school the juniors have been making children’s books. The books were mostly aimed for people younger than us. All of the books needed to have an interactive element including something tactile (touchy feely) and some other thing such as pop up or being able to attach the computer to make sounds.

The books didn’t have to be about Maths, English or history they could be about anything we wanted then we made them out of anything we could find in the classroom.

We have all been sharing the books with the infants in groups. The infants thought that they were amazing. The boys shared theirs in assembly when we are all together.

Mrs Mumford came in and read through all of our books and chose some winners based on their story, decorations and other things. Some of the books she chose to give a prize to include: Decorating the Bedroom, Don’t Tom and Witch Crown?

By Mooie

min lil han

The Wind in the Willows

In school we have all been working on a display of wind in the willows for the flower festival at Kirkbymoorside Church. Mr Dean and Mrs Morbey made the base for the display. A few of the children painted it green, some covered the river in lots of blue things. The rest of us got in to groups and made all the houses like Ratty’s House, Moles Den, Toad Hall and Badgers House. Some children made the bridge and some made the characters. We all made one tree for the wild wood or more if you wanted to. If you would like to see our amazing finished display please go and see it at All Saints Church, Kirkbymoorside from 13th to 19th June.

By Emilia and Rosie

Here is a photo when it is still a work in progress. Another when it is in the church will be posted soon.