CSI Gillamoor

On Tuesday 9th June 2015, a man called Mr Bates came in to show us a different a type of science it was called forensic science. There had been an imaginary aggravated burglary one night after school, the burglars were trying to steal some computers, but the new caretaker Lenny heard them and came to see. Unfortunately he was attacked and our job was to find out who did it! We had to find a series of clues or evidence that they might have left such as: a weapon, chewing gum, can, finger prints, blood, shoe print and broken reflector. We learnt a lot about DNA, blood spatter and samples. We found out how to collect finger prints and learnt that our finger prints are all different and never go away.

In the afternoon we held a mock court and many of us played a role. Kate was the judge and when all the evidence was given it was decided that the main burglar Jackie Jackson was to go to prison for 10 years and his helpers Davy Davis and Jamie Jackson went away for 5 years. The cleaner who we found left the window open and was part of the crime got 10 years.

The whole day was really exciting and we learnt a great deal and it encouraged us to look into being a forensic scientist or other science jobs.

By Zac and Elisabeth



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