Each year children attending Gillamoor C.E Primary school have gone through tests but the year sixes have gone through… SATS… A special test done by all state schools in this area. We did them months ago but only got the results earlier this week, we all did really well! It determines what level you are at on academic subjects.

Georgina and Lilli

Raising money for Birunda

At school we have been raising money for a boys dormitory at Birunda School for the Hearing Impaired in Kenya. .As a school we have now raised £831, MrDean has now we have raised over £4000, the domitary costs £4000 and the bunk beds cost £50 each. We have been raising money by making bracelets and selling them in school and at stalls out of school. We have now got a small stall in school that sells necklaces, bracelets, monkey statues and keyrings. Any more money will be used to buy the bunk beds.

Captain Noah and his floating zoo

The last few Mondays, some people from Rosedale school came to our school to do some singing about Noah’s ark with Mrs Horovitz and Mrs Flanders. On Tuesday two people came to make animal masks with us, they also came on Thursday , it was real fun, everybody said they enjoyed it. On Monday the people that filled in a slip and said that they would go to Lastingham to practice, also Mrs Tweddle and some parents said they could drive some of the children to take us there . We had a practice and we did very well.

Come and see us at St. Mary’s Church Lastingham the performance on : July 10th 2015 at 6:30pm . Noah’s flower festival on :10th-19th July 2015. You have to buy tickets now, see you then! 🙂

What I like doing at school

My favourite thing at school is sport. I like sport, well their is lots of sport including football, rugby, swimming, tennis and many more. As I like sport I don’t care what sport it is. We are going to have some specialist cricket coaching next week and I can’t wait. Sport helps keep you fit and healthy and is a good way to meet new friends. My favourite sports coach at school was Joe from the original after school club. I also enjoy the netball and tennis coaching with Sarah.
By Ed.

swimming gala

All the juniors tookn part in a small schools swimming gala. we all really enjoyed it and came 2nd over all. We won a lot of our races and did really well. It was really fun swimming and once I had finished I wanted to do it all again!


Success at Kirkbymorside Market

Just a quick note (which I hope the children will add to) to say how fantastic it was at Kirkbymoorside Market today. We were very kindly provided with a stall at Towler’s Arch and sold handmade bracelets, Kenyan jewellery, cakes and raffle tickets to help raise fund for our link school in Kenya. The 5 girls from the school did a fantastic job of selling and raised an amazing  £283! That money will buy over 5,500 bricks for the new dormitory. Excellent effort from everyone, you should all be very proud.