super spike

At the start of the summer holidays i went to Thirsk with mum, dad and Charlie to see lots of different types of birds of prey. We all enjoyed looking at the great big grey owl perched on his wood in his smart silver cage. After that we went to see the flying display and because i sponsored Spike the barn owl[with a little bit of help from mum] i got to fly him on to a perch with a very heavy glove. There wasn’t just owls there, there was eagles, falcons and so many more. When i got home i wrote a poem here it is:

Spike the barn owl is really nice,
he likes to eat lots of mice,
he doesn’t like the day light,
but under the moon hes out of sight,
when the clouds are full of rain,
he squawks back in the dry barn again.

By Elisabeth Akers-Wood

liz and spikebirds of preyspike

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