our new puppy

In the great big long summer holidays our next door neighbour’s sheepdog Floss had puppies. We found out this news and went to se the 7 of them ,they were all so cute . Every time we went to see them we grew more closer to them . We eventually decided to get the one and brought her home when she was eight weeks old to live with us and our dog Dex .She has the long white paw she was also the oldest . We named her Phoebe. We love her very much so does our other dog Dex .

My trip to Scotland

In the holidays on a hot sunny day Mum, Dad, Rebekah and I travelled up to Scotland to visit my nan and papa.
We were going to have a BBQ up the garden but then it decided to rain so we did it indoors.

The next day the weather was better so we went to the park and we played on the swings and more. Then we went to Tesco to get some bits and bobs. Then we went to Home Bargains and the Factory Shop.

First Day

On the first day we had lots of fun the day had blown by so fast even faster than you think.

When it was time to go back home I wanted to stay at school and do more things like carry on with my draw design. Mr Dean told us all about new things at Gillamoor school like that p.e was on a Wednesday so when we got home we had to get are things for p.e . At the end of the day we had worship and are head teacher read us a bit about the queen wearing her crown in bed or not. And then it was the end of the day so then we all got are things and went home.

By Emilia Schofield


York Castle Museum With Mum

I went to York  Castle Museum  with my mum it is very interesting. There were prison cells and people projected on the wall saying what it was like in the prison sells. But my favourite bit was the victorion  village it had shops, sounds and full of history. My mums favourite was all the old fashioned rooms.

I reccomened  it very mum

Ryedale School

I’ve left Gillamoor and gone to Ryedale but I could really not ask for a better primary school. Don’t be scared to come here. You’ll have the best of fun and make lots of new friends. You’ll also meet some old friends like I did. Don’t be worried if you get lost, it’s a big school, and bound to happen to all of us at some point. Tying a tie is quite tricky, but I’m sure someone will help you, like my dad helps me.

By Hannah

My Holiday (Farndale Show)




I went to Farndale Show in the summer holidays. I entered a lot of things in the junior tent including my favourite poem and a painting. I went with Grandma and when we got there I found Esme, Georgia, Ruben and Hannah with Phoebe the puppy waiting til the junior tent opened. We walked round the fields and saw the cows, the goats, the sheep, the horses and even the llamas! Me and Esme went to go and have a look around the horse field and we found a fudge stall and we tried some of the tasters. They were amazing! We went round to see if there was anything else we wanted to buy but there wasn’t so we went to find the fudge stall again but on the way I bumped into Emma. We went to buy the fudge and then Emma wanted to show us her animals in cavies tent. It was quite wet but we were in the tents so

Car parking is £3 on Showfields, with Free Parking Nearby. Any enquiries on any aspe

we didn’t get rained on. It stopped raining after a bit so we went and we found out that the fancy dress was starting soon. Me, Hannah, Ruben and Georgia were sheep and Esme was the sheepdog – and we won first prize! We got some sweets and some money for winning. Next I went to the hook-a-duck and I won a inflatable hammer. It was a really fun day and can you believe I won four 2nds in the junior tent!!! 😀

Laura’s Summer Holiday

Farndale Show was held on Bank Holiday Monday – the 31st August. It was raining and miserable when I got up and it remained the same all day. I went on the horse and cart with my Granddad Wilf and we won first prize. We won a red rosette, a huge trophy and £10.00, which Granddad let me keep. I had a delicious lunch in the Village Hall with my Daddy, served by Emma and lots of other helpers. Later that day I competed in the gymkhana, but I had to ride Sky’s pony Spot and wear Lorna’s Hat, as my Dad was chatting away and my saddle, bridle and hat were locked in the pickup. I then rode Lorna’s pony called Dylan in the leading rein bran tub race – and I WON! I ended up very MUDDY. Mummy had to soak my jodphurs, rub them with magic soap and wash them twice before they were clean.



In my holiday I did lots but I will tell you about the best bit of the holiday was when

I went to turkey it was really fun but to hot for me and


My third year doing it in a row,

second  year I have finshed  it in a row , how good is that?