My Holiday (Farndale Show)




I went to Farndale Show in the summer holidays. I entered a lot of things in the junior tent including my favourite poem and a painting. I went with Grandma and when we got there I found Esme, Georgia, Ruben and Hannah with Phoebe the puppy waiting til the junior tent opened. We walked round the fields and saw the cows, the goats, the sheep, the horses and even the llamas! Me and Esme went to go and have a look around the horse field and we found a fudge stall and we tried some of the tasters. They were amazing! We went round to see if there was anything else we wanted to buy but there wasn’t so we went to find the fudge stall again but on the way I bumped into Emma. We went to buy the fudge and then Emma wanted to show us her animals in cavies tent. It was quite wet but we were in the tents so

Car parking is £3 on Showfields, with Free Parking Nearby. Any enquiries on any aspe

we didn’t get rained on. It stopped raining after a bit so we went and we found out that the fancy dress was starting soon. Me, Hannah, Ruben and Georgia were sheep and Esme was the sheepdog – and we won first prize! We got some sweets and some money for winning. Next I went to the hook-a-duck and I won a inflatable hammer. It was a really fun day and can you believe I won four 2nds in the junior tent!!! 😀

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