Minnie ‘s summer holidays!

I had a very busy summer holiday! We were home for only 3 DAYS!!! The rest of the time we were going to lots of different festivals and we camped…. LOADS! I had a great summer holiday and I hope you had a great one to!

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One thought on “Minnie ‘s summer holidays!

  1. Hello Everyone

    Wow – you have all been doing some exciting things in the holidays. This summer I have been busy working at my new job and settling into my new home in the centre of York – the City Walls are at the end of our street!
    Oscar, Lottie and I went to Cambridge for a few days. We went around some of the colleges and had a punt tour on the River Cam. Our punter was telling us lots of interesting stories about Cambridge life and how the town came about.
    I miss school life so much and seeing all your lovely smiling faces on a morning – you all brightened my day.
    I will call in and surprise you soon!
    Mrs Noble

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