World War One Talk and Remembrance

On Remembrance Day, Jarvis from Fadmoor came in and gave a very interesting talk to the juniors about his families experiences in the war and his knowledge of WW1.

He wore a traditional uniform which would have been worn in the trenches. He also brought some equipment from the war. This included: a rifle, bayonet, fold out bed, German bugle and rucksack sort of thing for carrying everything else, such as bullets and trench spade. Jarvis also told us about history in the wars and showed us their medals and photos.

I learnt about how they fired their rifles, reloaded and fixed bayonets, in case of close combat.

He joined us at the war memorial where he blew a whistle to start and finish the 2 minutes silence. It was very moving. The whistle was used at the battle of the Somme.



Our Christmas Play

The Christmas play is a lovely  play , we will all enjoy it very much. It is set in the stable mainly. So here are some of the main characters :

Bessie the cow

Cecil the sheep

Chuck the chicken

Altogether there are 20 characters altogether  all very interesting in their own ways .

It would be  lovely if you came to see our play .

Our play is called stable manners it is a really nice and funny play.

So far we have really enjoyed learning everything about it and we cant wait to do it for real.



Duncombe Park-the gardens

The whole school went to Duncombe Park on the 5th of November for a school trip. At Duncombe Park we went to the gardens it was very silent, the only thing that you could hear was the rain dripping on the leafs and the birds tweeting calmly.

We walked to a temple that was old and crumbeling. At the temple was IMGA0913an amazing view, it was great. There was a flowing river at the bottom and a hill of orange and green trees making there way up. We also saw a pineapple house a pineapple house is where you grow pineapples. They did this becase they were very exspensive they use to give them to friend and family to display at parties.

Remembrance Day for All

This Monday we have done poppys and talked about the war on the carpet.

We are all going to go to war momorial on wednesday the 11th. We are going to say prayers and two minutes of silence.

On Wednesday the 11th we hope to see some other people there. Remember the people that died in the war and didnt suvive it. Hopfully poppies will be worn and some outher people there not just us.

Cross Country Run

On the 6th of November we went to a cross country run at Ryedale school. It was very soggy and muddy. These were our positions:
Year 5:
Esme 10th
Rosie 13th
Jasmine 12th
Hannah 14th
Emilia 17th

Year3/4 boys :
Oliver 49th
Ed 30th
Zac 34th
year3/4 girls:
Laura 39th
Liz 34th



Duncombe Park-The trees

We went to Duncombe  Park for a school trip the first we collected leaves that were on a piece of paper Benjamin worked with Oliver and Zac worked with Ed .We saw lots of gigantic leaves and some small leaves ,we did it for about 30 minutes .Then we went to collect nuts .We had a really good time at Duncombe Park.


On Friday the 6th there was a bonfire on the football pitch in Fadmoor. We saw lots of fireworks there was different colours and it lit up the sky. It was fun,and phil leverington brought food and drink. The curry was delicious.

The perfect way for a perfect bonfire

step 1 Build your bonfire up on a suitable premmise

step 2 Check for animals under the bonfire

Step 3 light your bonfire

now the rememberance will begin


Cam Models !

Our cam models are improving by the minute. Some people have already finished them and love playing with them they are very cool.

Although there was some trouble and hard work to make them they are finally being finished. 🙂

We started with looking at some models that already existed then designed some of our own. Everyone chose a final design to make and we began to make them. Different people decided to use a range of materials but they all look great.


on our farm we have lots of animals including ponies my mum really likes them and sometimes has foals. There are lots of different coulurs breeds and sizes. We have miniture shetlands  they have to be under 34 inches tall. This year we have had 3 foals ive helped mum teach them to lead and have there head colars on foals are all sold lovely homes.