Our Christmas Play

The Christmas play is a lovely  play , we will all enjoy it very much. It is set in the stable mainly. So here are some of the main characters :

Bessie the cow

Cecil the sheep

Chuck the chicken

Altogether there are 20 characters altogether  all very interesting in their own ways .

It would be  lovely if you came to see our play .

Our play is called stable manners it is a really nice and funny play.

So far we have really enjoyed learning everything about it and we cant wait to do it for real.



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One thought on “Our Christmas Play

  1. Hello Everyone

    Thank you for my beautiful hand written invite to your Christmas Plays and School Christmas Dinner.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to come to the Dinner as I will be at work but I am able to come along to the afternoon performance of your plays.

    I am looking forward to meeting Betty, Cecil and Chuck!

    See you soon

    Mrs Noble

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