World War One Talk and Remembrance

On Remembrance Day, Jarvis from Fadmoor came in and gave a very interesting talk to the juniors about his families experiences in the war and his knowledge of WW1.

He wore a traditional uniform which would have been worn in the trenches. He also brought some equipment from the war. This included: a rifle, bayonet, fold out bed, German bugle and rucksack sort of thing for carrying everything else, such as bullets and trench spade. Jarvis also told us about history in the wars and showed us their medals and photos.

I learnt about how they fired their rifles, reloaded and fixed bayonets, in case of close combat.

He joined us at the war memorial where he blew a whistle to start and finish the 2 minutes silence. It was very moving. The whistle was used at the battle of the Somme.



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