Makey Makey

The Makey Makey is a small device that has some different colored wires with it we call the wires crocodile clips. It links to the computer and makes things work on screen. The Makey Makey wires link to any material,we once linked all the wires to carrots and made a piano so when you touchedthe carrots it made a piano noise. You put one end of the wire in the carrot and the other ends in the Makey Makey. Beacause we are conductors if you attatch a wire to the right arrow and hold the other end when the makey makey is plugged into the laptop the car on the screen will move right or any other way depending on which wire you are holding.   We used the Makey Makey this time to design and make games controllers for a racing game.


IMGA0040 IMGA0039 IMGA0036



Our trip to London

On Friday the 27th of May 2016 the junior class are going to the Houses of Parliament in London on a two hour train journey. Before our trip to Parliament we are interested in going to either Broadcasting House,the British musium or the scince musium . We will leave school at 7am and coming back at 7pm. check back to see how it went.


Firday the 165th January 2016 we went to Ryedale School for a gymnastics competition. In the year 3s and 4s there were 4 people in our team, they were: Elisabeth, Ed, Katie and Laura. IN the 5s and 6s the team was: Hannah, Jasmine, Lottie and Emilia.

1.The steps were:
2.Body managment
3.Floor sequence [practice]
4.Floor sequence [real thing]
4.Vault [practice]
5.Vault[real thing]
It was very fun here are some comments from some peope who went:
“it was very fun and we learnt a lot”

Treasure hunt

On Wednesday all the juniors went down for a walk and we were writing down things like clues and questions which will end in a tea party which is the treasure! All of aunties, uncles, grandmas, granddads, mums, dads etc can come for tea. They will have to find stuff and do things to gain the reward of the tea party. at the tea party there will be……coffes and teas.

By Alice and katie

Lego Castle

Friday 14th 2016 we made a Lego castle when the rest of the class went to gymnastics it has 4 wach tower . We made an amazing castle. First we did the base for the castle which will be the floor. The order for the outside is red, yellow , blue and white and black missing a block each time. It is 11 bricks tall and the black bricks are 1/3 it has a walkway.We are going to add some  steps and things that might be in a castle.


IMGA0086 IMGA0084



On Wednesday 13th January we had a visit from Andy Seed the famous author. We asked him questions and he answered them. He told us all about some of the books he wrote and his talk about them was very funny and interesting. He wrote lots of different kind of books for children and adults and he has done lots of things we did not know about, like slipping on a banana skin and coaching three professional soccer players. he

Some of the books he has written:
Silly Book of Side Splitting Stuff (winner of the Blue Peter book award 2015)
All Teachers Great and Small
The Silly Book of Weird and Wacky Words




by Ed and Oliver

Kings and Queens!

This is the game!

This is the game!


Our new topic for the whole school is Kings and Queens. To learn about theses wonderful people of gory deaths. (Most of them died from someone killing them from ther own family).We have lots of enjoyment from playing the educational game called brain box. Its very intersting. We’ve also been reading about them on pieces of paper. In future dates we will pair up with the Infants and paint, pastilise or colour our chosen monarch. Also we will write fact files about them and maybe evan put on a display.We will be looking at all the monarchs since Edward the confesser.IMGA0087


On Tuesday 12th it started to snow by the end of the week some places were at least  25cm  deep . Most of us have built a snowman witch was really fun! We are constantly playing in it. But we need to keep warm with hats and gloves. Everyone keeps slipping over. You need to be careful because all the ice is hidden under the snow! In Farndale and Bransdale the snow is really deep! The ice is so slippy we can sledge on it and go really fast, we keep going flying! Here is a picture of Farndale :


By Minnie and Esme