Makey Makey

The Makey Makey is a small device that has some different colored wires with it we call the wires crocodile clips. It links to the computer and makes things work on screen. The Makey Makey wires link to any material,we once linked all the wires to carrots and made a piano so when you touchedthe carrots it made a piano noise. You put one end of the wire in the carrot and the other ends in the Makey Makey. Beacause we are conductors if you attatch a wire to the right arrow and hold the other end when the makey makey is plugged into the laptop the car on the screen will move right or any other way depending on which wire you are holding.   We used the Makey Makey this time to design and make games controllers for a racing game.


IMGA0040 IMGA0039 IMGA0036



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