On Wednesday the 16th of March  2016 some of the juniors went to Edinburgh. First we went to York train station to get on the train to Waverly station in Edinburgh. We walked to the Youth Hostel and put our suit cases in a lift. Then we got a packed lunch and went to the Portrait Gallery there was many interesting paintings there, it was amazing.  After that  we went to the Real Mary Close. It was all about the plague it was really cool and I think/hope everyone enjoyed it.

Jasmine says: That Mary Kings Close was fascinating and we learnt a lot about how they dealt with the plague.

We all had an awesome day and even better night. 🙂

The next day we went to Dynamic Earth. We got in a  time machine and went back in time millions of years to the time of the big bang. We then walked through time to now a days  on the way we saw volcanoes when the earth was forming,  dinosaurs (well at least there legs) and towards the end a massive  ice burg it was epic! After lunch we watched a video called Meteorites, as you’ve probably guessed it was about meteorites. It was very interesting. Next up was the National museum there were many fastening things there my favourite room was the animal room there were lots of lively looking animals there even though they didn’t have my favourite animal it was still a good day.

Emilia says: Dynamic Earth was epic it was very interesting.

Lottie says:” The museum was really good I enjoyed the space area”.

We got back to  the youth hostel and rested our feet ,they really hurt. Today was brilliant.


land art

We have to make a picture for the Tour de Yorkshire, it’s based on bikes and everyone puts bike decorations up where the bikes come through. We are designing a piece of land of land art to show off our local area. The tour is coming through Kirkbymoorside on Sunday 1st Mary and our art will be a in filed near by.



In the Juniors we have been making some autobiraphy’s about our life. The sections we had where birth, earliest memory, best day of my life, starting in the juniors and family[when born]. Some were funny but some where strange too! We stuck pictures in as well. We had fun writing them too.



On Friday 9th March the year 3s and 4s went to a Hockey tournament at Ryedale school. It was very fun and entertaining. I scored  one goal and Benjamin scored a goal to. We came third out of  10 schools!, but we didn’t play all the schools. It was because Kirkbymoorside  had about 5  teams. The people who went were Ed, Benjamin, Laura, Ryan, Alice, Liz and Katie. For most of the time I was a forward which basicly means you score the goals. Me and Benjamin scored a goal. I think we did very well to come third. We played 4 games. I wouldn’t have done it on my own but luckily I had my team to help me.

By Ed

Cake stall

The cake stall was in Kirkbymoorside on Wednesday 16th March 2016. There were lots of yummy treats. My mummy bought a cake and I got a chocolate egg and a chocolate finger. It was amazing how many people came. £150 was raised for the school.


D.T jackets and dresses

In d.t. we’ve been making jackets and dresses! First we designed our jackets and dresses on a sheet. Then we stitched the front together and then we stitched the back onto the front. I decided to make a jacket. I used blue thread and brown and green on the back. Everyone made one with all different colours. It’s quite hard to stitch. Some people made small ones some people made big ones. They were all based on outfits for Kings and Queens.

Lino prints

The lino  prints  were  easy but I  cut myself a little. The    cutters     were   hard  t0   use.  We did  other ones last year  for  Autumn we  will    be  creating our colourful Easter prints soon.



Agape picnic

On Wednesday 23rd of March 2016 there is going to be a picnic at Gillamoor school. It is called a Agape Picnic. It’s where we have food and people come along for the picnic also see some of our stuff we have been doing past the last few weeks. It starts at 2pm and there will be prayers and reading.

We hope people will come and some of the children will bring food you are welcome to as well it is for all ages hope you enjoy all our art work and writing. All people will sing songs if they want the pupils from Gillamoor will read out prayers and at the end we will sing a song together.

Also, there will be an open afternoon for people to see work that children from Gillamoor School have created. Time: it starts at 3:30pm – 5pm.


Super Sumdog

Lately we have entered a Sumdog competition. You have to play lots of games and answer quick fire questions. We have all been playing games over the past week [14-18 of March] The competition finishes soon so I encourage you to play the fun games at home. You can play with school mates and see who is the best and teach your animal tricks and personalise your house. With the great range of games everyone can learn something new [you to adults]. At the minute we are 24th on the leader board which is a epic achievement because were only a little school and its national. So carry on playing and maybe we can win this thing so get on the computer and play.