On Wednesday the 16th of March  2016 some of the juniors went to Edinburgh. First we went to York train station to get on the train to Waverly station in Edinburgh. We walked to the Youth Hostel and put our suit cases in a lift. Then we got a packed lunch and went to the Portrait Gallery there was many interesting paintings there, it was amazing.  After that  we went to the Real Mary Close. It was all about the plague it was really cool and I think/hope everyone enjoyed it.

Jasmine says: That Mary Kings Close was fascinating and we learnt a lot about how they dealt with the plague.

We all had an awesome day and even better night. 🙂

The next day we went to Dynamic Earth. We got in a  time machine and went back in time millions of years to the time of the big bang. We then walked through time to now a days  on the way we saw volcanoes when the earth was forming,  dinosaurs (well at least there legs) and towards the end a massive  ice burg it was epic! After lunch we watched a video called Meteorites, as you’ve probably guessed it was about meteorites. It was very interesting. Next up was the National museum there were many fastening things there my favourite room was the animal room there were lots of lively looking animals there even though they didn’t have my favourite animal it was still a good day.

Emilia says: Dynamic Earth was epic it was very interesting.

Lottie says:” The museum was really good I enjoyed the space area”.

We got back to  the youth hostel and rested our feet ,they really hurt. Today was brilliant.


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