Forest Schools

Every Tuesday at school we go outside to do forest schools. This is a mixture of P.E and outside education. This also will go on for 6 more weeks. Cathy led the day and I found it very enjoyable. We found out little fun facts about nature While we were doing our team challenges. It was really fun!

Cooking with Mrs Turner

Every Tuesday morning 3 or 4 people go in the “kitchen”( back classroom) this time  me, Alice and Oliver  were cooking a fat free  sponge it smelt and tasted amazing. We mixed eggs and sugar together first then added flour we mixed them together and when it was cooked we added raspberry jam and then glazed strawberries raspberry’s and blueberries  they were glazed in apple jelly and also you can add some cream (optional) our family’s loved them . I wanted too make loads .It was very fun .



By Esme


bikeability ws amazing! Basically you get to learn about how to ride a bike safely so we learnt:

  1. How to cycle across/through a junction
  2. How to do U turns
  3. We also learnt how to dodge obsticles
  4. A great big thank you to Mr T  and Ein for helping us!

Swimming Gala.

On Friday 15th April most of the juniors and 2 infants went to Amplethorth swimming gala. Some of us did four races, some 3, some 2 and some 1. Unfortunately we did not win, but at least we came and I definitely enjoyed it and I think everyone else did as well. It is a great experience and If you can go next time I would defiantly advise you to!