London Trip – 27th May

What a fantastic day. It couldn’t have been better. All the children (and adults) were very well behaved and saw so much of the city. We all enjoyed some journeys on the underground, a trip over the Thames in a cable car, down the Thames on a water taxi, walked to see some landmarks including Buckingham Palace, had an outstanding tour of Parliament and ended the day with amazing pizza. Take a look below and remember to leave a comment ūüôā

Forest schools

Every Tuesday we go to do forest schools (acorn antics) with a lady called Cathy. Forest schools is were you are outside and we do:

lighting fires
making tools
chopping branches
making dens
Eating marsh mellows
making hot water
hot chocolate
Miss Sanderson made popcorn
In the woods we’ve made a den on a flat surface Benjamin lay in the middle of the den so we could build around him. Benjamin said” a pine cone really hurt his back when he lied down.
Also Miss Sanderson did a hunt to learn how to light a fire and what you need. At the forest at the top were mountains of feathers there must of been a attack with 2 birds I used some feathers to light a fire
Benjamin said, ” he picked up a duck leg.”


Rocket Seeds

For a couple of weeks we have been looking after the Rocket seeds. Everyone has had a go at going upstairs and water the seeds and they are looking very well. We water them with a syringe. We rotate them 180 degrees so the seeds at the front go to the back and the seeds at the back go to the front. Some of  them are looking amazing and some of them are looking a little bit dead but we have been looking after them very properly. They have been doing very good. At the end of the experiment we will find out which seeds have been into space. Will it be the reds or blues?

by Alice and Ed


On the 18th of may we may we made brooches with Miss Sanderson. we made these brooches because our topic is Anglo Saxons(we also made a typical Anglo-Saxon warrior/farmer.) We used some bits of wood, some pompoms and clip on brooch pads. We also used pipe cleaners to make fancy patterns. Some people drew on some metal and stuck it on and some people made it 3D. There is a lot of different types of brooches including radiant and long headed.


Super Miss Sanderson

Super Miss Sanderson is brilliant at teaching us. We do games on Kahoot, make arty things and do poems. We even make brooches -which is so fun. She is a second year student at Hull University Scarborough Campus and is training to be a teacher. She absolutely love dogs and puppies and adores graphs and tables in maths. She  always smiles. She has two weeks left we are really sad we will miss Super Miss Sanderson so much!


At Gillamoor School Рin the juniors- we do SPAG daily, it stands for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. We each have our own spag book wich are yellow. Mr Dean puts up a presentation on the board that we have to do in our spag books. e.g. If it says under line the verbs in these sentences then we will wright the sentences in our books and under line the verbs.

We have a SPAG display in class that changes every week and gives us examples of words we can use.

Ryan¬†says: “spag is fun!”

Jumble Sale

On Monday the 9th May 2016 lots of people went to the jumble sale at Fadmoor Village Hall to¬†buy some things for themselves, also lots of people dropped a lot of their old stuff there,¬†including me. It was very fun because it had chocolate cake. Yum Yum Yum! Lots of people went home with a million bags and then came back for more . Nearly everybody who came got something . It raised ¬£360 pounds so that’s a lot of money for school PTA funds. WELL DONE PTA.

Esme and Emilia

Ryedale school.

Yesterday- the 19/5/16- the year 6s went to Ryedale school for a literacy day. Although we did do a lot of colouring in – I wish that’s what you would normally do there. But that’s not going to happen. Also while we were there we had our lunch, here’s a bit of maths: LUNCH=GREAT. We both had half a cheese Panini. Minnie also had a flavoured water to drink. Did she enjoy it? Yes she did.¬†We¬†think we are both going to settle in there and have a great 5 years coming up! We both are very looking forward to our next visit to Ryedale school.

Lottie and Minnie

Book Club!

This term Miss Pearce has started a book club where we come along and there are lots of books depending on what the book club topic is. Our topic this week has been based on the wild outdoors. If you don’t like the book you have chosen then you can change it to a different one. This book club takes place every Wednesday so if you want you can join. Our next topic will be on poetry.

by Minnie 

Kenyan Food.

On Wednesday 11th May Fred and his wife Jackres came into school to cook. They weren’t just cooking random food they were cooking Kenyan food. It was¬†in¬†the afternoon when they came and all the juniors helped prepare it. We did chopping, peeling and scooping. It was really fun and a good break from SATS. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think everyone enjoyed¬†it.¬† At 3 o’clock some parents came in to try some of our Kenyan food.¬† Here are the dishes we made:

  • Ugali
  • goat stew
  • goat fry
  • beef fry
  • sukuma wiki
  • mokimo
  • kachumbari
  • chapati
Thank you Fred and Jackres for your help in making  Kenyan food.
Lottie and all the children at Gillamoor School