Kenyan Food.

On Wednesday 11th May Fred and his wife Jackres came into school to cook. They weren’t just cooking random food they were cooking Kenyan food. It was in the afternoon when they came and all the juniors helped prepare it. We did chopping, peeling and scooping. It was really fun and a good break from SATS. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think everyone enjoyed it.  At 3 o’clock some parents came in to try some of our Kenyan food.  Here are the dishes we made:

  • Ugali
  • goat stew
  • goat fry
  • beef fry
  • sukuma wiki
  • mokimo
  • kachumbari
  • chapati
Thank you Fred and Jackres for your help in making  Kenyan food.
Lottie and all the children at Gillamoor School
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