EU Referendum.

Every body (by now) should know about the EU Referendum. Well basically some people thought that we should leave the EU and others thought we should stay. So in the juniors we decided to have a debate one team wanting to leave and the other wanting to stay. There was 11 people wanting to stay ( including me) and 6 wanting to leave the debate was very good everyone had really thought about what the reasons were.

On Thursday the 23rd all the people over the age of 18 and who wanted to, voted for real and were going to find out the scores on Friday.   The day came and we found out the votes and Britain is now leaving the European Union. No one knows for definite what will happen but lets all hope we made the right decision.

Sponsored Walk.

On the 23rd of June the whole school went on a walk. We went on this walk to raise money. It was a really sunny day which would be good for a short walk but we were doing a 5 and a 1/2 MILE walk. It was really fun and a perfect day for doing it. We all left the school at 10 o’clock  but this year we split up you could either do the long walk or the short. I did the long and we walked to Kirby Moor side. I was very impressed. Soon it was dinner. We ate it at  Jane’s. We all had a pack lunch and sat on the grass and ate it. Soon after we had a game of rounder. My team won.

Then we walked the way back to school. Once we got back Mr Dean gave us all a Twister ice lolly they were scrumptious.

Overall we all had a great day.

Super swimming

On the 17th of June 2016 Emilia, Jasmine, Ed and Elisabeth did the silver award in swimming we had to do 32 lengths without stopping. Everybody completed it and was tried and I couldn’t wait to get warm and dry at the end of the very long swim. Jasmine said she felt very tired at the end.

Colourful carnival floats

A couple of weeks ago we made some beautiful carnival floats, they had to be bright and bold with lots of different shapes, colours and sizes to make them stand out. Everybody in the juniors designed and made a pretty carnival float. All the carnival floats had a chosen theme but they were all types of animals that live in the amazing Amazon rainforest such as toucans, cheetahs, butterflies, chameleons and monkeys.


Crucial Crew

Tuesday the 14th of June the year 6s went to Scarborough to learn how to be safe.

Once we got to the place there were a lot of rooms and in each one of them there was a different scenario. Each scenario got showed and then we had to act like we would if we were in that situation.

Overall the day was brilliant I really enjoyed it.

Queen’s 90th Celebration Cakes

Wow, wow and wow again! What an amazing selection of cakes that the children (and staff) have produced to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. They will be judged later today and a winner chosen from each year group, based on decoration. They all look amazing and everyone is looking forward to eating some of them later today.

Well done everyone.

Weather Station Recorder

Ryan was out walking one day in his field when he found a parachute and what was left of a balloon. A few weeks later his mum found a Radiosonde which was attached to the balloon. IMGA0167When Ryan brought it into school we rang up the people who made the device to find out more about it. This is the information they gave us:

Weather station – single use (can be disposed of in the bin as normal)

They are sent up by a helium balloon 35km into the atmosphere and when the balloon pops they fall back to earth on a parachute.

The helium balloon is about 6ft across when it sets off and as it rises it grows and becomes the same size as a semi-detached house before it finally pops!

It was sent up by the Met Office site at Albermarle, Newcastle. They send two per day at 12am and 12pm. The device records air temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction. It can record temperatures of +50 degrees down to -90 which is how cold it can get 35km up!

The information is relayed back to earth over radio waves and sent straight to the Met Office super computer in Exeter. There is no data actually on the device.

The water bottles are to activate the batteries and keep them from freezing over.

The model that you found is very soon to be out of date and replaced with a smaller model which has less impact on the environment.


Great find Ryan!



Animals in Tuition

Today in school, to kick start our rainforest topic, we had a lady called Mags from Animals in Tuition who came in with some animals from rainforests around the world.

We met: a royal python, rats, crested gecko, giant African millipede, Emperor Scorpion and a Chilean Tarantula. It was really exciting and everyone learnt a great deal.

The Jungle Book.

One day in the holiday me, Simmy and Izzy went to the cinema to see Jungle book-the new one. It was really good and still had some of the amazing songs from the old one. My favourite character is Baloo  the bear. Although he was a lot different to I remember. It was definatly a movie worth watching. After that we needed to go to Morrison’s to shop and I got some really cool sunglasses and a hat. It was practically lunch time-maybe past- so we had lunch there. I had scampi and chips with a side of tarter sauce and peas. It was so nice. I really enjoyed it. And after that break i’m ready to go back to school for another busy time.