Mr Dean’s Final Post : (

My two and a bit years at Gillamoor have been excellent, but flown by too fast. The staff, pupils and parents have been extremely supportive and I’m going to miss everyone when I leave today.

I’ve been looking back over the past two years of the blog and it has been wonderful to see all the things we’ve done and how creative the junior class are. I hope to see the blog continue over the next few years so that I can visit and read about what has been going on at school.

When we are away in Kenya we’ll be keeping our own family blog written from the view point of Charlie and Lily, please do visit it comment and send us a message.

I will be back sometime in 2017 to visit.

Mr Dean


Brilliant Bath Bombs

On Thursday 7th of July we had a BBQ at school. And there was lots of stalls to make things like sherbet and balloons blow up without using your mouth or a pump. Our stall was to make bath bombs, you could choose your colour and scent. The colours were: green, red, pink, blue, orange and yellow. The scents were: strawberry, coconut and vanilla. we also made some before the BBQ and all took them home and used them. they were amazing! They smelt so nice! There was a raffle At the  BBQ  it was really really, fun!!!!!!!!!!



On Wednesday 6th of July 2016 we made soap boats. We raced them outside on the Drain Pipe of Destiny.

Can you guess who won! HANNAH won! It was really fun. First we put our boats on the drain pipe of destiny.

Then we poured water down  the pipe. The soap boats went really fast down the drain pipe of destiny.

The funniest was Becky’s cheese boat and the 2nd funniest boat was Ryan’s tractor boat. Some had sales and some

didn’t. We hope that we can do it again. And I hope in win next time.IMGA0389IMGA0378IMGA0382IMGA0383

These are some of our


Balloon Experiment

On the open afternoon Mooie , Katie , Jasmine and Lottie did an experiment trying to blow up a balloon without using air instead we used white vinegar , baking powder , bottle , funnel , jug , spoon and a balloon its really simple and easy to do at home if you want to now how read on .
These are the insroucstions:
1) Put the balloon onto the rim of the funnel
2) pour one heaped table spoon of baking powder into the funnel then place the balloon to one side
3) then pour 150 ml of your white vinegar into the jug and pour it into the bottle
4) then place the balloon on the mouth of the bottle make shore no baking powder goes into the vinegar
5) after that pour the baking powder into the bottle make shore all the backing powder goes into the bottle
6) then the reaction will start to happen and the balloon will blow up
But I wouldn’t take this to parties
but it s fun and easy .

Perfect Plants

This term we have had the topic of rainforests and in the rainforest there is plants. On the 6th of July John, kindly came in to talk to us about plants. he showed us what bees look for in a flower: smell, taste, look and many more.IMGA0330


This is the photo!!!

In one of these photos there are four potatoes and if you go and find the post called Potato Power you will find out what they do. The other picture is of the infants doing a game about the light in a flower.

Potato power!!!!!!!

On the open afternoon Thursday the 7th. We made an LED light up using electricity from 4 potatoes! We used 5 crocodile clips,4 copper pieces, 4 Zinc screws, 4 potatoes and one LED light. It simple you just put the copper in one side and the Zinc  in the other side. Connect the crocodile clip  to the copper and Zinc and then put it in a square and when you have got to the last two crocodile  clips   you will need  to get  your LED light and get the  copper end and put that on the female leg which is bendy and then you need to get the male leg which is the bendy leg you need to get  the crocodile  clip from the Zink and clip it on and then you should have a green light.  And then that is how you make electricity.

By Alice crossland and Laura potter!!!!!!!

Gillamoor school

Sherbet Making!

On Thursday the 7th of July, we had a open evening/barbecue, we all had a stall, and me, ( Hannah), Emilia, Elizabeth, and Minnie had a stall to make Sherbet and it was amazing, lots  of people came to our stall, if you want to make it here are the ingredients and instructions:

You will need:

Two level teaspoons of Citric Acid.

One level teaspoon of Baking Powder.

Seven level teaspoons of Icing sugar.

A cup.

A teaspoon.

Here are the instructions;

  1. grab your cup and put 7 teaspoons in of icing sugar
  2. Then put 2 teaspoons of citric acid in
  3. Then put in 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  4. Mix well!
  5. And Enjoy!!!

By: Hannah and Emilia!




Mr Deans Quilt

As you my know Mr Dean is leaving to go and work in Kenya so we thought we should give him an amazing leaving present we asked for ideas and Sally Fitton came up with the idea of making a quilt. So we got to work straight away. It was very hard keeping it a secret from him and he kept asking us what we were doing so we just had to say nothing. Everybody got 9 squares to do a design on you could use triangles or squares or both if you wanted too. Sally started sewing it together and we had lots of different assemblies about it . some of us even stayed after school to work on it he had no idea what we were on about . When we gave it to him it was the open afternoon and he had lots of other presents like sun cream and sunhat and even a brick he also got a calendar with pictures of us on and a school photo he loved all and was very thankful everyone had lots of fun making it .

our quilt


Brilliant BBQ

On Thursday the 7th of July we had a school fund raising night for Birunda school in Kenya also we presented our leaving presents to Mr Dean. We had a BBQ and did some fun games with Mr Mulholland like nock the balls of the cone and speed jump while inside we had stalls with lots of fun things to take home, try again and taste. Lots of people came and raised £380.00 which Is really good. Everybody had a great time and enjoyed looking round the school. The burgers and sausages were really tasty I think almost everyone had one. Also we did some samba it sounded really good. IMGA0427

Olympics Drama

In the juniors we did a drama about the Olympics there was: Megan, Lottie , Minnie , Esme ,Jasmine , Emilia Rosie and Mooie. We had medals 1st,2nd,3rd and excellence.
Rosie said, it was fun, good and funny.
Esme said, it had a moral to it.
Jasmine said, she liked doing drama because we don’t do it often.
Lottie said, it was really fun and she was surprised how it turned out to be like.
Emilia said, enjoyed working with a team and it was fun.
Mooie said, in the drama she hurt her knee.
Megan said, it was fun with the medals I made .

Emilia came 1st
Jasmine came 2nd
Mooie came 3rd and Emilia came excellence as well.
halfway through the race when Mooie jumped the hurdle she slipped as the others finished the line Emilia and Jasmine came and helped Mooie over the finish line everyone cheered her on. So at the finish line there were three chairs for them to sit on and a towel each to wipe there face.