Balloon Experiment

On the open afternoon Mooie , Katie , Jasmine and Lottie did an experiment trying to blow up a balloon without using air instead we used white vinegar , baking powder , bottle , funnel , jug , spoon and a balloon its really simple and easy to do at home if you want to now how read on .
These are the insroucstions:
1) Put the balloon onto the rim of the funnel
2) pour one heaped table spoon of baking powder into the funnel then place the balloon to one side
3) then pour 150 ml of your white vinegar into the jug and pour it into the bottle
4) then place the balloon on the mouth of the bottle make shore no baking powder goes into the vinegar
5) after that pour the baking powder into the bottle make shore all the backing powder goes into the bottle
6) then the reaction will start to happen and the balloon will blow up
But I wouldn’t take this to parties
but it s fun and easy .

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