Olympics Drama

In the juniors we did a drama about the Olympics there was: Megan, Lottie , Minnie , Esme ,Jasmine , Emilia Rosie and Mooie. We had medals 1st,2nd,3rd and excellence.
Rosie said, it was fun, good and funny.
Esme said, it had a moral to it.
Jasmine said, she liked doing drama because we don’t do it often.
Lottie said, it was really fun and she was surprised how it turned out to be like.
Emilia said, enjoyed working with a team and it was fun.
Mooie said, in the drama she hurt her knee.
Megan said, it was fun with the medals I made .

Emilia came 1st
Jasmine came 2nd
Mooie came 3rd and Emilia came excellence as well.
halfway through the race when Mooie jumped the hurdle she slipped as the others finished the line Emilia and Jasmine came and helped Mooie over the finish line everyone cheered her on. So at the finish line there were three chairs for them to sit on and a towel each to wipe there face.


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