Potato power!!!!!!!

On the open afternoon Thursday the 7th. We made an LED light up using electricity from 4 potatoes! We used 5 crocodile clips,4 copper pieces, 4 Zinc screws, 4 potatoes and one LED light. It simple you just put the copper in one side and the Zinc  in the other side. Connect the crocodile clip  to the copper and Zinc and then put it in a square and when you have got to the last two crocodile  clips   you will need  to get  your LED light and get the  copper end and put that on the female leg which is bendy and then you need to get the male leg which is the bendy leg you need to get  the crocodile  clip from the Zink and clip it on and then you should have a green light.  And then that is how you make electricity.

By Alice crossland and Laura potter!!!!!!!

Gillamoor school

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