Ryedale Rounders .

On Friday the  8th of July 2016 we – the 2 year 6s – went to Ryedale for a transition day. But unlike all the other transition days this one was sporty and we played rounders in our houses. But our houses were to big. So we split them up into groups of 7 or 8.

It was an amazing opportunity to mix in our houses and talked to other people, we haven’t met, as a team.

Minnie says: “It was a amazing opportunity to meet new people and work as a team, I had lots of fun!”

Lottie says: “I met lots of new people and had fun playing rounders.”

The end results were:

  • 1st- Mowbray
  • 2nd- Feversham Minnie’s house.
  • 3rd – Byland Lottie’s house
  • 4th- Rieveaux

The afternoon was great we both had a fantastic time and we’re looking forward to spending time there in September.

By Lottie and Minnie

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