Mr Dean’s Final Post : (

My two and a bit years at Gillamoor have been excellent, but flown by too fast. The staff, pupils and parents have been extremely supportive and I’m going to miss everyone when I leave today.

I’ve been looking back over the past two years of the blog and it has been wonderful to see all the things we’ve done and how creative the junior class are. I hope to see the blog continue over the next few years so that I can visit and read about what has been going on at school.

When we are away in Kenya we’ll be keeping our own family blog written from the view point of Charlie and Lily, please do visit it comment and send us a message.

I will be back sometime in 2017 to visit.

Mr Dean


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  1. We are already ticking off the list of things to have done in the holidays!! Thank you Mr Dean for all your hard work and looking after the kids so well in school, hope you have a great time in Africa!

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