Summer Holiday

In the holidays  I went on holiday and I meat a girl called Millie . And when I came back I played with my puppies Harry and Rip. And I fed my wild kitten’s but we now that one of the black is a girl called it Mid night we have three tabby’s  and two blacks with a white triangle on there chins .


I went to conners house. we plade tenting and there was a storm.    It was lewises   birthaday and we went to creapy    cralys.     We went to norf  hundland and camped     riva banck bay.   It was my birthday and we went to enghy.


Summer Holidays

I really enjoyed my holidays. They were really fun. I went crab fishing and I caught 2 crabs , 2 fish and 1 flat fish and my sister caught 1 baby crab. We also went to flat rock. The rocks were slippery and wet and at the end we had a water fight. In the holidays I also went to Obie’s house. We played dares and Minnie dared us to be  locked in the toilet but we climbed out of the window.  I went to the beach with my cousins. I swam in the lake that goes to the sea. I went to simy’s house it was fun and  I went to the library to get my medal for the reading challenge. This is the best bit it was my birthday and we went to Creepy Crawlies and I got a pet tortoise!

By Lewis and Ed.

what I did in the summer holidays

I went to Rivaulx Abbey it was amazing in the shop I got a teddy crow. he’s soft and cuddley. Then when I got home it was dinner time.

Then it was Fadmoor show Holly my best friend she was entering some stuff. We went with holly to help. When we got there William had cut half the field that’s a lot. Holly, me and Becky had to keep stopping because of the corn in our feet. After we jumped in the tractor and drove beside the combine. The tractors trailer was collecting the corn to take back to the yard. Then after we went to pick up the dogs Millie and Rhupert ( they are both dogs Labrador and cocker spaniel) to come in our pool and play the dogs were tired they’d been in the pool for about an our. So instead we played football. Holly and will are ace. My mother, father, nan, papa and Holly were chatting like normal.


by Megan



Today at swimming in our group , we started off with doing lots of widths to warm us up I did breast stroke because I think it is the easiest and its definitely my favourite. Then we did a length of breast stroke. we showed Sarah how we did front crawl and we were a bit bad. She showed us how to do it properly step by step. By the end we did it properly and had improved quite a lot. We practiced diving then it was time to get out. We did it properly with having our heads underwater and breathing to the side.

A new start

The summer holidays are over now and everybody has got a new start every class has a new teacher this year the juniors have got Miss Pope and the infants have got Mrs Callan. Everbody is moving up like Minnie and Lottie are at a new school now.
Rufus says that the infants are really fun.
Jack said I really like the infants especially playing in the outside area.
also we asked some of the year 3s what they like best about being in the junior classroom obie said, “I like all of the juniours and I cant decide what I like best.”
Natalia says, “all my friends came up into the juniours so we can learn together.”

everybody is enjoying the new start

Back to school

Me and my frends  were thery scerd and nervous but I don’t know if I was  the only one but I trust miss pope. so fare everything has been well. My frends have been soporting me everyone has been helping oneanouther. thancks for reeding.



Every wednesday we do P.E. with mullholand we go to the field to play football first we did the slow warm up then we did the fast warm up then we passed the ball to each other then we played a game chaotic football and we didn’t even knock any footballs down