Hello Gillamoor School, 

I was just wondering how everyone is? I am really really enjoying Ryedale School and I’m am very shure the year 6s will to. I can’t wait to see the year 6s at Ryedale!! On my first day I was really scared but it’s great know! I have made loads of new friends. Me and Lottie are still best friends! Luckily I have had NO detentions (yet😂) If you do everything you get told to do you will be fine! I am know starting to play the saxaphone! 🎷 Got to go and get ready for school know byeeeeee!

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3 thoughts on “Ryedale

  1. Hi Minnie, this is Hannah and Georgia in lesson. We really want to see you soon. Georgia says: Esme’s missing you lots. I love it in the juniors by the way. And by the way your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!’ Hannah says; Cant wait to see you in Ryedale hope we can have a sleepover soon and by the way you didn’t tell me how hard these tests are . Trying to get ready for SATS any tips? See you later lots of love Hannah and Georgia. Xx byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Hi all. As Minnie said Ryedale is amazing. All the teachers here are really nice and friendly. And because of all the induction days you’ll be already to go by the time your here. Its really easy to make friends.

    Missing you all.

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