Summer Holidays

I really enjoyed my holidays. They were really fun. I went crab fishing and I caught 2 crabs , 2 fish and 1 flat fish and my sister caught 1 baby crab. We also went to flat rock. The rocks were slippery and wet and at the end we had a water fight. In the holidays I also went to Obie’s house. We played dares and Minnie dared us to be  locked in the toilet but we climbed out of the window.  I went to the beach with my cousins. I swam in the lake that goes to the sea. I went to simy’s house it was fun and  I went to the library to get my medal for the reading challenge. This is the best bit it was my birthday and we went to Creepy Crawlies and I got a pet tortoise!

By Lewis and Ed.

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