what I did in the summer holidays

I went to Rivaulx Abbey it was amazing in the shop I got a teddy crow. he’s soft and cuddley. Then when I got home it was dinner time.

Then it was Fadmoor show Holly my best friend she was entering some stuff. We went with holly to help. When we got there William had cut half the field that’s a lot. Holly, me and Becky had to keep stopping because of the corn in our feet. After we jumped in┬áthe tractor and drove beside the combine. The tractors trailer was collecting the corn to take back to the yard. Then after we went to pick up the dogs Millie and Rhupert ( they are both dogs Labrador and cocker spaniel) to come in our pool and play the dogs were tired they’d been in the pool for about an our. So instead we played football. Holly and will are ace. My mother, father, nan, papa and Holly were chatting like┬ánormal.


by Megan


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