back to school

since we’ve gone back to school everything has changed. Quite a few infants have come up to the juniors and they have been doing really well so far. We have been doing maths, literacy, swimming and P. E as usual. We have been creating new draw labels , peg labels and much more. Miss pope is amazing at teaching and were very luck to have her as teacher! She also listens to all of our ideas and thoughts she might let us keep our pencil cases . . . 🙂 A fresh year a fresh start…

My Holiday

I went to the lake districkt and nearly climed the talest mountin in England. then when all the fun was over we went to devenand had evan more fun in the sweltering heat we were staying in our friends house and in there village there was a pool it wasent heated but it was still fun. (Then when they got sick of us;just kidding).Then when we wanted to go we went to cornwall and in cornwall we were staying a manstion (literaterly) It was amazing and we were only a five minute walk from the beach. But after six days we had to part and go back home. then we had the of farndale show…

Year 3!!!

coming back to school was amazing  Mrs  pope is a very good  teacher and  Mrs pope  teaches very well, is the best teacher ever, coloured a huge letter  in  and it  was very good  meeting  all  my  friends,  it  was  good  going  into  the  Juniors  too. Tyler

Back to school

I was an infant but now i  am not and it feels weir w.  We have done lots of stuff like maths  , swimming and French  I was scared when i started but now i arnt because it has been a week Thereare new starters and teachers It feels weird because there is more of us . Jack b think the  school is amasing . Rufas thinks it is amasing to.   by Georgia loggie

Back to school

At the start of the holiday. I went to trampaline wourld. I felt like I was flying in the air. The got some Candyfloss

when I got back. I had to pack a lot before I had to go to bed. I had to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning. So off I went to the airport, flying to Spain. I had a great time! Now we are back at school and I in the Juniors!




Hello Gillamoor School, 

I was just wondering how everyone is? I am really really enjoying Ryedale School and I’m am very shure the year 6s will to. I can’t wait to see the year 6s at Ryedale!! On my first day I was really scared but it’s great know! I have made loads of new friends. Me and Lottie are still best friends! Luckily I have had NO detentions (yet😂) If you do everything you get told to do you will be fine! I am know starting to play the saxaphone! 🎷 Got to go and get ready for school know byeeeeee!

A Fresh Start

So, as you know we have come back to school and work whether we wanted to or not! But that means a new start and we will try our hardest this year and onwards. So some people will be going into reception in Primary School, some will go into the Juniors, some going into year 6 like me and waiting for SATs, some are going to secondry school, some are even going into 6th Form and A-Levels some collage and Univeristy to. This year we have three year reception’s called Rufus, Jack and another Jack. Also we have Miss Pope the new junior teacher and we now have Ms Callan.

My Summer Holiday

In the Summer Holidays I  went to see my horse and I played with my dog called Doogel.The horse was  called larky. Larky licked me, while we were playing. The horses owners had two dogs called Millie  and Rupert. Played  Trotting arourd the field. Next I played with the dogs . And they licked me . And then I played  with  my big sister Megan and then I sat down on the chair outside to drink my cup of tea it was very nice  . I went to play with the dogs and they licked me so much I think they like me a lot . I took them for a small walk to the stables and back they loved it . Millie sat on the sun chair. I had a very nice summer holidays

By Becky