When it comes to winter we can’t do things like sports club and netball…

So we get new clubs! This year there are clubs on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Monday night club is Craft Club with Mrs Hugil, it is AMAZING! So basically you do Christmas Decorations and things like that and It finishes at 4:30. Tuesday night club is Yoga with Ms Stainthorpe, she is a very good teacher you learn positions like the dog, the cat, the cow, the sun salutation, and the moon salutation, and many more. It also finishes at 4:30. Wednesday club is P4C which stands for Philosophy for children, you talk about your opinion on life decisions. There is no wrong or right answer. It finishes at 4:45 so 15 minutes more than other clubs. Thursday night club is language and book club. So basically you have the option between the both of them, but book club is more targeted on the infants but juniors are welcome as well. This club is run by Miss Pierce, and it finishes at 4:30.  I personally like book club  even though its aimed at the infants, I also love craft club, yoga club, and p4c, so that’s all of them.

SUPER school clubs

In school we’ve got some new clubs including:
Arts , Yoga , philosophy for children and language/reading. Bonjourno I do language with miss Pope on the first week we learnt Italian its a great language to learn, arrivederci!
All the clubs are fun and interesting on the Monday we do arts , on Tuesday we do yoga , on Wednesday its philosophy , on Thursday we do language and reading.
And we love them all.

Weather In Gillamoor

On Wednesday 9th November 2016 we had snow (and lots of it!!!) It layered the hole floor and it was 6 inches at Jasmines house. It was very cold and so it rained, so last night it all froze over and became really icy. People slid around on  the road and we saw one in the bushes on Harland moor. People got there Winter Wollies out such as gloves, wellies, scarfs and hats. We have got a quote from Esme she says…..

Megan says : My friend was out snow ploughing yesterday near Fadmoor.

Rosie says : Yesterday morning it was snowing a little bit.

Jasmine says : I enjoy the winter because you get to snuggle up in warm clothes.

Hannah says : I’m excited  for snow but sadly were I live there is n o snow.

Elizabeth says : I love snow. It’s epic my dad snow ploughset . in the winter so I sometimes get a lift.

Emilia says: Nice because it is magical and is like Winter Wonderland.

miss pope says: I love snow, but I have to drive carefully.

Esme says: It has been snowing lots.

craft club

on Monday we have a craft club and right now we are making Christmas decorations and we are making them with the Christmas cheer we are going to make them with Christmas colours and put lots of glitter on to make them lovely YEY GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!. We hope that people would love to buy them from us at school. There are 3d ones aswell as flat ones ,you can hang them up on your Christmas tree in your lovely cosy home. tistsEvery one at craft club are all amazing artists so all of the decorations look great!!!!!!


On Friday the 4th November 2016 we went to a cross country run at Ryedale school. We had lots of fun and we did well : The year 3s came,26th ,35th,18th,16th,35th,44th,43rd,23rd. Year 4:47th, 45th,52nd,22nd. Year 5:21st,16th,10th. Year 6:16th,14th,18th,12th,13th,17th,15th.We all did well and we all enjoyed it and had lots of fun and also we were all really proud of our selves . Oh and year 3 and 4 ran 3/4 of a mile. Year 5 did 1 mile and year 6 did 1 1/2 miles.

By Ed and Oliver.

Christmas play

Are Christmas play is strictly nativity. The day of the Christmas play is Tuesday 13th of December 2016. I want to be host one. Katie wants to be a dancing sheep and a star. Hannah wants to be a judge , tal want to be a dancing sheep , Olivia wants to be angle and a host , Benjmjan want to be a king , Becky wants to be a angel , Tyler wants camlam , Obie wants to be a camal and donkey and Alice wants to be a innkeeper wife . I think that are Christmas play is great. Ed doesn’t like the Christmas play because he wanted the other Christmas play. Katie thinks that it is great to. Natalia really wanted to do it and we have . Mooie is really exited. Natalia is really scared . Ed feels exited Olivia is exited Oliver is nerves. Ryan is exited Alice is nerves Olivia1 wants to innkeeper wife / angle. Tal is scared but happy. I think every one is exited Christmas play spesaly me and Katie likes the song camel funk. li love are Christmas play . my song that i like is camel funk to . I am really scered to but happy about it to . i love it .

The Christmas play


away  the Christmas play is in a month and I am exited  we have got our script and our    character  list.

The Christmas play is cold  LIGHTS CAMMLE ACTION  strictly the nativity we have not learnt it yet but  we know most of the songs but not all of it. our rehearsals are on monody and we  finding out who  we are on Tuesday  I would like to be a  innkeeper /angel

there’s  going to  be singing and dancing  its going to  be amazing  miss pope Mrs Tweddle  and Mrs Hugill  chose the play. sorry got to go I hope you enjoyed.

by Olivia sempers


Christmas play

Hello” my name is Alice and I am going to be telling you all about the Christmas play because it is going to be very  fun so get sat down and then get some popcorn and buckle up. The play is going to be on the 13th of December and there are lots of interesting characters and I well myself want to be the innkeepers wife but the biggest parts will go to the year 5 and 6 and I am a year 5 so there is a chance for me to get the part . Ed wants to be a wise man. Oliver wants  to be a bird the only problem is there is no birds in the Christmas play so his second choice is  to be a funky camel .Obie wants to be the funky camel. Tyler would like to be a funky camel and for some reason everyone would like to be the funky camel. Becky wants to be a angel. Laura wants to be a Donkey can I get eee aaaw said Laura. I can not wait for the Christmas play it is going to be really good and so cool and I can not wait for my mum and dad to come and see it because I know that I can make my parents really proud of  me and I have made them really proud of me for all of the Christmas plays.

By Alice

Christmas play

hello my name is obi and I’m going to talk about the Christmas play. It is going to be on Tuesday 13 December. I really want to be a funky camel/donkey. the Christmas  play is called lights camel action. I think the Christmas going to be awesome. Ed wants to be a wise man. Oliver wants to be a funky camel . ben wants  to be a funky camel. Tyler wants to be a funky camel. Liz wants to  be a voiceover and Emilia wants to be host 2.The Christmas play is at  GILLMOOR CHAPPEL .