First we got on a big bus and travelled to Malton Milton Rooms. When we got there one of the ladies introduced us to the one of the three judges called Joseph he did a performance where he read out poems then he wrote a poem with us. Then another judge came on who was called Tabitha she was an actor, she talked about how to deal with your nerves on stage it was very helpful. The last judge was called Andy Seed, he read poems and he got us to join in it was very fun. Then we had our packed lunches . After lunch it was time for the school performances but before that we watched last years winners which was Kirkbymoorside, it was very good. After that it was time for the real competition which began with z and when all the way to a . Lewis said ” I was nervous to perform on stage in front of about 200 people but I got through it and it was great we even got josephs book at the end !” Even though we didn’t win we tried our best and we had fun that’s the most important thing !!!

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