The P.Factor

Hi  Katie and Alice hear we are going to tell you about the p. factor because gillamoor school went to the p. factor on Friday the 7th of October and no Katie will tell you a bit about the p. factor [hope you enjoy].HI Katie here I thought that the p. factor was really fun and the judges have written really good poems I loved the p. factor now Alice is going to tell you a bit about what she really liked about the p. factor I thought that all the schools tried there best which was really good  all though we did not come first I thought we still tried our best and our performance was really good and all of the other schools were to but this year I know that we did not deserve to win but next year I think might be our year. but my favourites author was really hard to choose from but mine was Andy seed because he is just so good at writing so many good books and then there was Joseph.




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