Christmas play

Hello” my name is Alice and I am going to be telling you all about the Christmas play because it is going to be very  fun so get sat down and then get some popcorn and buckle up. The play is going to be on the 13th of December and there are lots of interesting characters and I well myself want to be the innkeepers wife but the biggest parts will go to the year 5 and 6 and I am a year 5 so there is a chance for me to get the part . Ed wants to be a wise man. Oliver wants  to be a bird the only problem is there is no birds in the Christmas play so his second choice is  to be a funky camel .Obie wants to be the funky camel. Tyler would like to be a funky camel and for some reason everyone would like to be the funky camel. Becky wants to be a angel. Laura wants to be a Donkey can I get eee aaaw said Laura. I can not wait for the Christmas play it is going to be really good and so cool and I can not wait for my mum and dad to come and see it because I know that I can make my parents really proud of  me and I have made them really proud of me for all of the Christmas plays.

By Alice

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