Christmas play

Are Christmas play is strictly nativity. The day of the Christmas play is Tuesday 13th of December 2016. I want to be host one. Katie wants to be a dancing sheep and a star. Hannah wants to be a judge , tal want to be a dancing sheep , Olivia wants to be angle and a host , Benjmjan want to be a king , Becky wants to be a angel , Tyler wants camlam , Obie wants to be a camal and donkey and Alice wants to be a innkeeper wife . I think that are Christmas play is great. Ed doesn’t like the Christmas play because he wanted the other Christmas play. Katie thinks that it is great to. Natalia really wanted to do it and we have . Mooie is really exited. Natalia is really scared . Ed feels exited Olivia is exited Oliver is nerves. Ryan is exited Alice is nerves Olivia1 wants to innkeeper wife / angle. Tal is scared but happy. I think every one is exited Christmas play spesaly me and Katie likes the song camel funk. li love are Christmas play . my song that i like is camel funk to . I am really scered to but happy about it to . i love it .

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